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    Tableau Parameter Calculations

    Trish Frentress

      I'm working on a final project for my Tableau class and just when I thought I was done, we got an updated "Letter from the Project Manager" about new assumptions to put into our workbook/dashboard.  I'm trying to do a calculation that will only allow $500k of capital for certain amount of properties. These all have dynamic parameters set up so I"m unsure on how to write the parameter calculation to make it work for whatever the new parameter is entered.


      I tried something like this:


      SUM([NetChgProfits_PostConvYr_Dyn])>=[Profit Threshold Parameter] AND COUNT([Num_Rows])*[Capital Expense Parameter] <= 500000


      But it is saying my [Num_Rows] field is invalid and I have no idea why,,, the field works when I add to rows/columns shelf just fine.


      Workbook attached (hope I did it right). Any help and/or guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!