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    How to Display KPIs Next to Bars when data is an aggregate

    Leslie Raillon

      Hi all,


      I was looking at this very VERY interesting video " How to display KPIs Next to Bars" on Tableau Tip Tuesday: How to Display KPIs Next to Bars


      My problem with this video and with many other videos in fact is that my measure is an AGGREGATE and that makes everything complicated


      Formula requested is :

      Latest Year

      IF {MAX(YEAR([Date Setup]))}= YEAR([Date Setup]) THEN [Number of activations] else 0 END


      I got around that with:

      IF ATTR({MAX(YEAR([Date Setup]))}= YEAR([Date Setup])) THEN [Number of activations]  else 0 END


      But when video asks to put new variable in columns, I get this:


      Just does not work...
      Any suggestions? Maybe my aggregate adaptation is wrong...


      Thanks a lot