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    Word Cloud in Tableau

    Arun Chandramouli

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to create a word cloud in Tableau... I am trying to create  a word cloud for the comments provided by the employees....





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          David Li

          Hi Arun! You just have to add the dimensions to the label mark and then add some sort of measure to the size mark. Then, you need to force the viz to display as text.


          Please see the attached workbook (v9+).

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            Lisa Li

            Hey Arun,


            Word clouds from comments can be done in a couple of ways. You can connect the original data source with an excel file generated by parsing the comments into their individual words. By using an excel file similar to the one listed below, you can still maintain the comment's original data connections (information relating comments to a department, tenure, etc) for more interesting filtering/coloring. (To do that, you'll need to maintain the same header name for comments).


            Comment                                              Word

            "This company is great"                        This

            "This company is great"                        company

            "This company is great"                        is

            "This company is great"                        great


            Attached to this reply is a python script to parse and split strings into words. To use it, you have to copy the column from your data set with comments and create a new excel file. As a warning, though, this will generate many rows of data and may result in poor performance.


            Please let me know if you have any questions!


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