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    Count Distinct a dimension "service" with condition "calculated rate"

    Elodie Quirin



      I need some help because I don't find solution to my problem.

      I want to count the number of services who reached a rate under certains conditions.


      So we have 3 kinds of services :

      - the Right services : GREEN services, who reach a rate > 99

      - The middle services : ORANGE services, who reach a rate between 90 to 99

      - And the bad services : RED services, who has a rate < 90.



      The rate is always calculted with different dimensions.

      The dimensions are :

      - Group of Services, each group contains several services

      - Environnement

      - Date (Year, month, week)

      - Criticity

      - and others dimensions...



      I want to define if the service is GREEN, ORANGE, or RED, whatever the dimensions selected.

      Then I want to count the number of services RED, ORANGE and GREEN, for each Group of services

      Moreover, my rate is a calculated field.

      And I don't succeed to do a count distinct of services GREEN, ORANGE, or RED.


      I will be really gratefull if you can help me.


      Thank you a lot.