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    Problem filter sum(sales) with bar chart

    Patrick Weber

      I have a problem with a filter for my sales values for a bar chart.


      My filter is just simple sum(sales)<400$ and now I want a bar chart which only shows me the number of invoices and the responsible clerk.

      The problem ist that tableau always sum up all sales and if I try to use my filter all bars will disappear.


      Because of our database structure I have to calculate via sql statement row based the sales value for each position and have to sum up the result to get

      sales for each invoice case number.


      In this example below the sales of an invoice case number would be 350$


      If I would have 2 invoice cases e.g. number #100 and #200 and each of them had sales 350$ Tableau sums  up in its bat chart to 700$ and my filter won't work correctly.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.