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    Map Route without editing my data source


      Hi Team,


      I would like to create map similar to the below one, My data looks like the below.


      Can you suggest the best way to represent this in a map but without changing data?

      If changing data is the only way, can you please assist or share a workbook using below/sample data?

      New data gets added each week, hence static will not work but dynamic view is required where I will look for each day or each Service provider.


      One Service Provider can have multiple Vans. No unique identifier for each van but based on time and Location, we have to draw the route.

      Thank you.



      Service ProviderStart TimeStart LocationStart LatitudeStart LongitudeEnd LocationEnd LatitudeEnd LongitudeEnd Time
      A12:00Airport28.55718277.104865Location 128.59905277.0477661:00
      A1:45Location 128.59905277.047766Location 228.61505528.6150552:15
      A2:50Location 228.61505528.615055Airport28.55718277.1048653:30
      B2:00Location 128.59905277.047766Airport28.55718277.1048652:45
      B3:00Location 228.61505528.615055Location 128.59905277.0477663:45
      B3:15Airport28.55718277.104865Location 228.61505528.6150554:00



      Image result for fleet route