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    AHT Calculation in AHT

    Shivi Bhatia

      Dear Team,


      I need to calculate AHT for a given business case. Please see the dummy excel data file for reference.


      In the excel file AHT = Total Call Time/# of Calls. I cannot use this calculation as it gives me average of average which is incorrect.


      So when i create a calculated field in tableau i have converted it to a dimension, Please let me know if this is the correct approach. There are 2 issues and analysis i need help on if this conversion of calculated AHT to dimension in correct:


      1. There are few values appearing as "Null" due to some missingness. How should i handle it
      2. This data is for 6 months. If for a given month the AHT lets say is 7 minutes (average), i need to highlight all those resources/employees who are above this threshold. How should i achieve this.

      Any form of visualization would work.


      Thanks in advance.