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    Tableau Public

    Shivi Bhatia

      Dear Team,


      Our organization has provided us with Tableau Public. If the forum could please assist me on the below pointers:


      1. Data security- as we are dealing with real time data like CC numbers, Social security, employee name and business units name etc
      2. How can i save without others being seeing or using the data


      These points would be essential as we are dealing with sensitive data. If this is not possible on Tableau public then please advice if we have to go for Tableau desktop.


      Thank you.

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          Mark Russell

          As the Tableau Public server is by definition "public", you really can't be posting sensitive data to it.  Depending on your business need, you could strip out the sensitive data from your extract before publishing or even aggregate your dataset.  You can block downloading of your workbook and data source, but if you want to publish sensitive data with security look at Tableau Server or Online products.

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            Mahfooj Khan

            Yeah its possible you can restrict other users to access your published dashboards in public version. While publishing any dashboard you've to set below mentioned option

            Go to edit details option of your dashboard

            Just uncheck the highlighted option. It'll not allow to download your workbook.



            After saving the details. If you go to download option there you'll see this.


            Now to hide the visibility of your published dashboards you can use this.


            Hope this help. Let me know If you've any query. You should go for tableau desktop & server instead of public.



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              Shivi Bhatia

              Thank you Mark, i am very new to Tableau.


              So what i take from your explanation is that Tableau "Public" is a free ware edition and anyone can see the data and even download if allowed.


              Please correct if the understand is not correct.

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                Shivi Bhatia

                Thanks Mahfooj, this is very helpful. Certainly we will for more than couple of licenses now.

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                  Sherzodbek Ibragimov


                  yes, Tableau Public is free version of Tableau Desktop and anyone can see it once you publish it. However, you can make it hidden in your profile. Then you can share the link to appropriate people who can access to it with the link but not through your profile since it will be hidden. Please see QA section for more info as it will answer more questions down the road.


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