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    Creating groups with overlapping dimensions

    David Lu

      Hi Everyone, my first post here and I've seen some people post similar questions, but none of the suggested solutions have worked for me.  I have a Dimension called Questions (i.e. Q1 - Q100) and I want to create three groups called Satisfaction, Engagement, and Concerns.  My issue is there are overlapping questions for Satisfaction and Engagement so creating simple groups does not work.  I've tried creating Sets for each category and then using a calculated field (i.e. if [Engagement Set] = true then [Values] END) which seems to work, but there's no way to produce a group dimension name.  When I pull in Dimension field names, the overlapping questions only show up for one of the categories.  Any suggestions?

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          David Li

          Hi David, the issue here is that you would need to represent certain records multiple times in your view for your desired output, and Tableau isn't designed to do that. Rather, it's designed to take the existing recordset and break it into aggregations using the dimensions you add to the sheet's level of detail. That means that a particular record can't exist in two different cells in a single sheet.


          To get around this, you could potentially try to edit your data source so that overlapping questions appear multiple times. E.g. if you have a question that should be included in all three groups, then it should have three separate entries/records in your data set. This may cause problems with sums or other aggregations later, but there are ways of correcting those.