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    Week Calculation field Problem??

    Sandeep Kotha

      Hi All,


      I have a question on Week Calculation field.


      I have Below fields :


      1. Month: It consists of few months data.

      2.Week:    It consists of Week  numbers 1,2,3,4 or 5. Every month either have 4 or 5 weeks.Based on the respective month,it would have either 4 or 5 as the maximum value.

      3.Sales : It has the respective Week Sales Value.


      My question is that:


      I want to create a calculation field as "Sales based on on max(Week)" so that when I click any month, it should give the respective maximum week Sales value.

      I have written A calculation field as below.But it is not giving as per my requirement.


      If [Week]={fixed:max([Week])} then Sales else 0


      When I apply this formula, it is giving value as :

      Whichever month has 5 weeks ,it is giving corresponding sales value and the rest of the months as zero sales value.


      I have attached the workbook for reference.In the workbook,only August is giving values and the rest is giving as zero values.


      Could someone please help me on this requirement?


      Best Wishes,