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    Indicate if specific Time Period has Lapsed for a recurring Event

    Derek Manning

      I've run into an issue with finding out whether or not a specific minimum amount of time has ever passed for a specific event. 

      For example, lets say I had a table of numerous Events with the Event in one column, and the Timestamps of those Events in another column.  I want to know how many of those Events had a gap in their timestamps, at any point, that was at least 10 days.


      Sample Data Table:


      Event 11/01/16
      Event 11/05/16
      Event 11/18/16
      Event 11/20/16
      Event 11/24/16
      Event 21/04/16
      Event 21/05/16
      Event 21/10/16
      Event 21/13/16
      Event 31/01/16
      Event 31/09/16
      Event 31/14/16


      Ideal Tableau Outcome of Formula:


      Event 1


      This is due to Event 1 being the only event that had a difference in time of 10 days or more (from 1/05 - 1/18).


      How can this be setup to check all of the DATEDIFF's for every Timestamp that has occurred for every Event?


      Thanks for your help!!