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    Data Points on a Chart Not Connecting Sequentially Because of Unavoidable Discrete Item on Detail Shelf


      What is My Data?


      I've got a simple excel file of sports teams, month on which a hypothetical measure is taken and the measure.


      Project Ask


      1)     For each month, i must find the top ranked team as well as the 3rd ranked team

      2)     Perform the following calculation of #1/#3 to get a ratio

      3)     Plot the ratio over time


      In my attached workbook,

      1) Tab 1 (Data) gives a visual representation of the data

      2) Tab 3 (Why is Marks of Line Inaccurate) shows that i have successfully identified top 1 and #3 over time. However, when i change the mark type to Line, tableau seems to be getting crazy

      3) Tab 4 (I have the ratios, but Line isn't drawing) is similar for tab 3 except i actually have the ratios

      4) Tab 5 (Ratios based on teams) shows why the lines are broken. They are broken by the unique teams

      I discovered that lines are drawn uniquely based on the teams. See screen shot below




      Que: Is this the best approach to solving this problem?

      How else can i approach this problem?


      Thank you