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    Tableau Data Engine Error: 49037: no such table

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      I hope this message finds you well.

      I'm receiving the following error when logging into Tableau:

           Tableau Data Engine Error: 49037: no such table


      I found the following article published by Tableau. They mention to take the following steps to resolve:

      Remove any extract filters added by Tableau Desktop when the data source filter was originally applied to the extract:

      1. In Tableau Desktop, open the extract or the workbook that contains the extract.
      2. Right-click the extract in the Data pane, and then select Extract Data.
      3. Remove any filters listed in the Filters (optional) section of the Extract dialog box, and then click Extract.
      4. Publish the revised extract or workbook to Tableau Server.


      The problem is, I do not have any extract filters applied in my workbook. Anyone have any other advice?






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          Dmitry Chirkov

          Couple of questions to get us going:

          • Could you provide more details on when/where exactly do you get this error? When you open your workbook?
          • What Tableau version are you using?
          • What do are you connecting to? Extract or live?
          • Can you share workbook and/or log file?
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            Brian Withers

            Hi Dmitry


            We met at TC16 and you helped me with a workaround that was related to this. I am having this same problem. The problem refers to a table created by a union, and it occurs when trying to refresh an extract. It will generally work for a a couple of refreshes and then begin to return this error. I have had this problem on 10.0.4,5,6,and 7. I cannot upgrade to 10.1 due to my enterprise server. I am generally able to work around the error by deleting the extract and completely rebuilding the union and the joins, but I am now stuck with a broken file. I have seen this error on the forums in a couple of places and has yet to be addressed appropriately.

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              Mariusz Musiał

              Exactly the same problem here - UNIONed tables as well. Cleaning up temp dirs and caches only sometimes and only for limited period of time remedies this issue. Tableau Desktop 10.0.9, not upgraded for the same reasons as Brian. A "workign workaround" would be highly appreciated.