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    How to remove duplicates that differ by one column? (Workbook Attached)




      Is there a way for Tableau to remove a duplicate entry that differs by a column value? For example, in the below table, notice how the last entry is a duplicate of the one before it except it is missing a serial number.


      Ideally, I would like Tableau to count the data below as a total of 5 unique incidents even though some of these share the same IssueID. Currently, Tableau is counting these as 6 entries as part of the Sum(Number of Records) method.


      DateIssueIDProductSerial NumberStatusIncidentNotes
      2/5/2016ABC123Laptop789456ResolvedDamaged Screen
      2/5/2016ABC123LaptopDUM123Not ResolvedCosmetic Blemish
      6/6/2016XYZ890Television321098ResolvedDamaged Screen
      6/6/2016XYZ890TelevisionDUM897ResolvedDamaged Screen
      6/18/2016GYM123Music Player741852ResolvedDamaged Screen
      6/18/2016GYM123Music PlayerResolvedDamaged ScreenI want to remove this duplicate entry since it does not contain a serial number.
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