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    Table Calculations

    Lavanya Doddi

      Hi there,


      Please see attached image for some dummy data and expected tableau output ..



      I am planning to calculate % sales using Table calculations.


      I am not sure how I am able to calculate the Impr. column using Tableau's table calculations. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          David Li

          Hi Lavanya, here's what I would do:

          1. Create a table calculation for % of total sales. Set it to compute along Pre/Post (so that it only applies within each Category). Let's call this field [% Sales].


          2. Create a calculated field that gets the Impr. field and add it to the view.

            [% Sales] * 2 - 1

          3. Hide all but the highest value for Impr. per Category somehow. There are quite a few ways to do this, so let me know if you need more specifics. For instance, you could do a WINDOW_MAX() along [Pre/Post].
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            Lavanya Doddi

            Thanks for the response, David.


            Is there an easy way to write the formula for Impr. field. Its a very simple formula: [Post - Pre].

            In the example above, for Cat1, 83.3% - 16.7% = 66.7%

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              David Li

              The second formula is the Impr. formula.

              [% Sales] * 2 - 1

              If you look at the table you have above, you see that the expanded formula for Impr. is

              %Sales - (1 - %Sales)

              This simplifies to

              % Sales * 2 - 1

              For example:

              83.3% - 16.7%

              83.3% - (1 - 83.3%)

              2 * 83.3% - 1