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    Sets icon--Action?


      Can someone tell me, in general, what this means/is? Thanks! Happy Friday!



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          Simon Runc

          hi Heather,


          In short...when you set up "action filters" in Tableau, this is the way it applies them. It creates a set, which are dynamically populated, depending on the selection. If you create a dashboard, and set up an action, and trigger the action. If you then look in the "Target" sheet, you'll see one of these sets on the filter shelf.


          As an aside...you can actually add these filters to "context", meaning you can do some pretty cool things with FIXED LoDs (due to Tableau's order of operations, FIXED LoDs are not impacted by "regular" dimension filters, but making a filter "in context" bumps it up the calculation pipeline and so now affects the FIXED LoD)


          Hope that helps.

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            I actually didn't even notice this until I created a set; the set came first. Does that somehow change your explanation?

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              Simon Runc

              hi Heather,


              So didn't clock that you were pointing to the Set pane!!


              Although my existing explanation on what these are (and how they are created) is valid!...I'm not sure why some of these get created in the "Set Pane" section, while others only ever remain on the filter shelf. I have some workbooks with sets in the pane, and some with sets only on the filter shelf...and even where I have sets in the pane, I don't have all of them!


              My workbooks that do, are (from my quick check!) ones that have had the data-source replaced (many many times), and are workbooks with blended data sources, with actions going across both (having said that I've just had a bit of a play and unable to get the (action filter) sets to appear in the sets-pane!). I can also see them in the "Datasource" definition in the XML



              Although I don't think it matters (in terms of use of Tableau) I am interested!! On your one have you a) replaced the data source? b) optimised the TDE?


              The fact they are "greyed out" (I think) is just because you have 2 data sources, and they relate to the non-selected data source, which is the case for all sets. I've also pinged "the master" who may know!


              hi Jonathan Drummey the gentlest of gentle pings!...I know you've done a lot of Tableau experimentation, so wondered if you'd found when/how/why these are generated?...this is just a curiosity!!

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                     On worksheets using a single data source, the sets are listed. On worksheets using blended data, they aren't listed in the Sets pane.


                     I don't even know what your second option, TDE, means so I doubt I did that one.


                    Any clarification would be nice! I'm trying to preempt this question from my students and want a valid answer. Thanks!