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    Excel Data Source Funnies 10.1

    Eric Moore

      I built a small excel file from derived content from CMS website.  The purpose was really just to document the ACO and related standards.


      The excel file has several sheets.  The sheets are representatives of table.  The sheets relate through columns.  Easy peazy.


      I built a new workbook with the with file. 


      I tried to add the workbook again so I could consume three different worksheets.  It presented the datasource with a (2) at the end. 

      I wiped out the worksheets I had used in (2) that appeared when I added the workbook again. 


      However, that removed the 1st connection.   So, yeah I figured, can't have multiple connections to the workbook.  One can only hope right?


      So I closed the Tableau WB.  I then made a copy of the original excel file and gave it a completely new name.


      I then opened my Tableau again.  I then added a new datasource and pointed the datasource to the new excel file. 


      I was expecting to see:




      I did. 


      I do not know  how or why, but datafile2 had the same referenced worksheets as 1.  Which I found interesting.

      I then proceeded to remove those references and checked datafile1 and the worksheets I was using in that connection we're wiped when  i removed the datafile2 connection objects.


      Rather strange behavior I think.