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    Action filter on Top X and Others

    anil kumar

      Hi all,


      I am  facing issue using action filter for top x and others.

      What Iwant to achieve is top x and others of 'stores' and 'products'.

      And want to apply action filter on 'top stores'' so the resulted to be achieved is the selected top x and others for the 'products'.


      when I try to filter 'stores' the results of 'products'

      are showing blank.


      Eg: 1. When a store is selected in "Top Stores" chart, we want to show top products for that store.

      2. Also the top products to be computed for the selected month.

      3. The top products is selected based on "Top X Products".


      Results Analysis:

      1. for month="jan", store = 'tesco', the top 3 products are - Pepsi (7 units), Tropicana(6), Sprite(4) and Others (4 units).


      But the result computed & shown by Tableau is blank.


      2. for month="jan", store = 'Others' the result is also shown as blank,

      but what we want to achieve is top products and Others to be shown.


      3. Is there any other method to achieve our purpose ?


      Also attached workbook and sample data set for your reference.


      Thank you