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    Using Action Filter Values as URL Parameter Values

    Daniel Guelfi

      Hi everyone,


      I have developed a dashboard that filters a data set using both a quick filter, and an action filter, on the same dimension. I want to then drill through to another dashboard and pass through the FILTERVALUES of both of these filters as URL parameters.


      To do this, I have used the following notation in the URL Action:

           http://<tableau server url>/views/Workbook/Dashboard?Type=<FILTERVALUES(Type)>&ActionType=<FILTERVALUES(Action (Type))>


      NOTE: "ActionType" is simply a duplication of "Type" in the target dashboard so that 2 layers of filtering can be applied to the same dimension.


      For some reason, this is working as expected when in Tableau Desktop, however, when published to Tableau Server, the Action filter related FILTERVALUES does not appear in the URL when drilling through.


      I have thrown together a quick-and-dirty workbook example of what I am trying to achieve, just wondering if anyone else has tried this before and has a solution.