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    Enable/disable filter items

    Jacopo Girardi

      Good Morning Community!


      In a dashboard I have two filters (even a map and a bar graph) configured as dropdown lists and with the option “All values in database” that allow to select some regions of the world. I have another filter that “dominates” the entire selection of the final result set because it is a horizontal slider used to select the year (it always selects at least a record in the database).

      I know that if I select two items from the two lists I can produce an empty set, because some regions of the first list does not contain countries in some other regions of the second list. This empty set will empty the map and the graph bar.

      I cannot use the option “Only relevant values” because my “boss” wants to show all the possible regions (if I understood correctly, it is a political matter). We would like to show all the values, but disabling the ones that would create an empty set: the one excluded by the “Only relevant values” option.


      Is there any solution to this problem?