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    Stuck on polygon decision tree!

    Isaac Mickey



      I want to build a decision tree that shows some stakeholders how their outlet risk score has been determined.  I've been using Olivier Catherin's and Jeffery Shaffer's awesome work (Decision trees, flow diagrams, sankeys in Tableau... here is a solution !!! and Data + Science ) but seem to have become stuck.


      My issue seems to be coming when I go to the polygon version.  Instead of having the nicely weighted lines, the polygon seems to be cumulative for each story in the feature on Curve A.


      Any ideas where I'm going wrong?  Attached is my sample data and workbook, there's only 2 levels to my tree (Story is the lowest level then Feature).  I can just use the Simple DT which works but the polygon version looks heaps better!  There's also a Design that briefly gives an overview of what I'm trying to do!


      The sample data is just for 2 outlets, the weightings have to change based on the Outlet Type.