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    Limit data from live source in published view

    Sharifuddin Amin



      I have a basic question on working of tableau server.


      Does the Tableau server fetch the complete oracle table when viewing it using web-GUI or only the subset of data selected by workbook filters is fetched.

      For example, lets say there is a huge table which contains 1year of data (1 Billion rows) and report is built and published using live data source. Published View contains a filter on date range.


      Will tableau fetch the complete table or just the rows which are selected by date range filter? i.e as the user changes the filter, tableau fires query and gets the applicable data only.


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          Hey Amin,


          It depends where the filter is created. If the initial connection is set to bring in all the data, the entire db will be returned in the query. A filter on the workbook will then filter on top of that data. If there is a database filter, that will limit the data coming in, and likewise a workbook filter will filter on the data already being brought in.


          I hope that helps,