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    Running User Count with Level of Detail

    Ricky McMaster

      Hi, I've been reading for a while about Level of Detail, which looks really useful in a lot of cases, but am still struggling to figure out how to solve my particular query.


      Basically, I would like to show a running count of users for the entire dataset, but only display the most recent periods.  Level of Detail is promising in this regard but I realise that you cannot use running calculations with this functionality.


      So using the trusty Sample Superstore data set, we can see that overall, from 2011-14, there were 793 unique customers (by customer name).  Up to the end of 2014 Q3 this figure was 790.  So I would like to see 790 for Q3, and 793 for Q4:


      Running Users Example.png



      It is of course very easy to display the 793 for all periods that are included in the view, but I can't figure out how to get the 790.  Does anyone have any suggestions here?  Would be much appreciated.


      Hope this all makes sense.  Workbook attached.