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    remove auto added filter

    Y Lu

      when the user right click the mouse and choose "keep only" or "exclude", the selection  is automatically added to the filter shelf, and it needs to remove manual by going  back the sheet ,which is very cumbersome, anyway to remove the filter and prevent it? such as reload the tableau from fresh?


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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Yimin,


          How are your users consuming these reports? Tableau Server/Online/Reader/Desktop?  If they have the ability to exclude or keep only this is forming a filter. And that's the way it was designed and is supposed t work. By applying a filter to look at one item (keep only) or to not look at one item (exclude). You are adding a filter - no way around that.


          You can disable the ability for an end user as long as they do not have Tableau Desktop to use keep only and exclude. To do this click on the tooltip shelf of your marks card and then in the bottom right corner un-select the 'include command buttons'.    


          Best Regards,

          Carl Slifer


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            Y Lu

            many thanks for reply. it sooths a bit.