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    Waterfall Scaffol Solution - Filter Help

    Ashleigh Hawkins

      Hi all


      I have attached a waterfall solution using a scaffold. The problem I have is that in the original data source I create a dimension for region that looks up the country and allocates it to a region using  a case statement. The filter from the original source is used throughout my work book on various sheets and I need it to apply to the waterfall. So I tried creating the dimension in the scaffold and blending the region dimension. I then added the region from the original data source as a filter.


      The problem is that the 'Opening' & 'Closing' items are returning a null value. Is there a way to amend this so when I apply the region filter it will apply to the waterfall?


      Appreciate the help




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          Luciano Vasconcelos


          Your Region calculation has no null values.

          This is happening because you used Region from secondary data source. If you use from primary it won't happen.


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            Ashleigh Hawkins

            Hi Luciano


            When I use the region filter from the primary source the 'Opening' and 'Closing' bars do not work. he return a 'TbC' value rather than EMEA. So when I apply the filter it works on all the bars except the opening and closing bars. These need to be included but at the lower values...if you use the scaffold region, apply it and then show it, you will see what I mean.


            Below is a shot of when I apply the EMEA region - both the opening and closing bars have disappeared when they need to be there


            Any ideas on how to change the dimension calculation so that if the 'blend' value in the scaffold = 'opening' it should result in whatever filter has been applied?






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              Luciano Vasconcelos

              Sorry, i'm afraid i'm not understanding your issue.

              What i see is: TBC is how Yuri named Opening/Closing.

              You have on your dashboard only EMEA and TBC. You can't call Opening/Closing of EMEA because you could have other regions, then you can't region. If you had more than one region, you can use parameters in order to don't filter Opening/Closing when filter Region.


              It would be something like this:



              Couldn't you use Blend as filter?