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    SAML and ADFS Blank Page

    V  Makena



      We have enabled SAML using ADFS.

      We have enabled SSL using a CA and the tableau sign in page is shown and we are able to login. But once we enable SAML, using the same Key and CRT, the URL just shows a blank page, we are not prompted for Network Credentials as well.


      Using a local created self certificate works though i.e., SAML and SSL both work but certificate being created locally, we are seeing a warning that certificate is invalid. The only difference between the local self signed certificate and CA certificate is 8000 port is missing

      Local Certificate: https://test.abc.com:8000

      CA Certificate: https://test.abc.com


      I have been through various topics related to SAML within Tableau Form and none of the solutions have worked out