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    Tableau Published Data Source can't be connected

    jessica banna

      I am new to tableau, we are using tableau 9.3.3 for both tableau server and desktop.

      Yesterday I just encounter a problem where all workbooks can't be opened and published data sources can't be used to create any workbook either on tableau desktop or tableau server.

      This occurs when connecting to the published data source using tableau desktop installed on client pc and on server. All data sources used are live data sources and I have checked that there's no problem with the source database. Even when I tried to create a new connection to the database using tableau desktop installed on the tableau server, everything is okay.

      The problem is only when using the published data source. The problem occured suddenly, there were no changes on the server side settings. Restarting the server actually will solve the problem.

      Anyone get ideas on what happened?

      Thank you.