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    Need to hide a dashboard based on a condition

    Michelle Kosmicki

      I am working on a project that I inherited from a previous person. It is a multiple dashboard report that is exported to a pdf file using a batch file process. It creates approximately 1500 unique reports.


      Some of the dashboards do not have data tables from time to time, based on the extent of data for each report. Is there a way to hide a dashboard that is blank automatically?



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          Joe Oppelt



          If you can detect a particular condition (such as COUNT([some field]) = 0) then you can pop out a sheet that covers the dashboard.


          Attached I have an old example (from version 8.2) that let you select a parameter value on dashboard 1.  Then if you go to Dashboard 2, depending on the selected value you will either have access or not.  If you select value = 2, then you will not have access, and you can see the behavior on Dashboard2.


          It's a very rudimentary example, but it shows how you can control this.