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    Plotting Data Point on Custom Polygon Filled Maps


      Hello all,


      I created custom polygon filled maps using Tableau Drawing Tools and I am trying to plot shop outlets within the filled maps something like the map in this Using dual axis to plot filled custom polygon map with specific datapoints (circles) on the same map. I have tried to simulate my excel file to make it similar but I ended up with a very messy map.


      For a start, I want to hide the orange dots on the map as well as the blue zigzaggy lines which is a result of using path. The orange dots are my geo-coordinates for the polygon filled maps which has the Type (one of my column) = Polygon, while the blue dots have the Type = Outlets. Is it possible to hide type = outlets in my first latitude mark then hide type = polygon in the second latitude mark so that I can see each outlet data point in the custom polygon map I created? Or is there any other way for me to do this? I cannot put Type under filter because it will hide my entire outlets or entire polygon.


      Thanks a lot!