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    Need help with number formatting issue

    Joel Gluck

      Please see the viz below. In the bar chart in the middle of the page, the number formatting for the State Average is adding an insane number of zeros to the end of the number.


      The number looks correct in Excel - with one decimal. I even tried making the number text. Either way I get the same result

      Tableau excel sheet.JPG

      When I look at the Data Source it looks fine

      Tableau data source.JPG

      But in the viz it looks like this

      Tableau bad number format.JPG

      I have verified that the number formatting is correct - Number (Standard) as the default property in the Measures area, in the Marks area for this worksheet and the formatting for the Reference line.


      Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance


      Here is the viz. the Domain should be set to Alcohol and the indicator name to Liquor Sales (Bottles Per Capita)