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    How-to: Can't unhide columns in an extract

    Matt Hong

      Somewhere along the line while I was dealing with a data source extract of a CSV file, some of the fields completely disappeared. I had hidden those fields previously, but now I couldn't get unhide them even though "Show hidden fields" was checked, although the columns were 100% there in the CSV file.


      I couldn't easily replace this data source with a new one because of all the pivots and aliases I had already, so I turned to a brute-force solution: directly edit the XML code by opening .twb on Notepad. It worked!


      Always back-up a copy of your workbook before editing its XML contents.


      0. If you have a .twbx file, you need to unzip it first to access the .twb file.


      1. Ctrl+F for your missing column name, with brackets (e.g. [CITY]). You will soon encounter a line that starts with:

           <column auto-hidden='true' caption='...


      2. Delete two items in this line:




      3. Save this text file, and open it back up on Tableau. You will see that the column is there on the data panel, albeit there is an exclamation mark saying that it doesn't exist in the data source.


      4. Right-click on the data source, go to Extract, and click Refresh, then click Yes.




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