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    Percent of Total Records

    Jenny Sanders





      I know this is very simple and this question have been answered quite a few times before in the forums. I spent some time and tried all the possible solutions but couldn't get this thing working.


      I am trying to see the "percentage of  Rush Requests over Total Number of Requests".


      Number of Records gives me the total no of requests. In this case it has 2 values- Expedited and Standard.


      I am using a calculated field which says-


      Rush Requests --> If attr([Status]) = "Rush" then sum (Number of Records) else 0 end.  second calculated field is "% Rush Requests" = Sum(Rush Requests)/Total(sum(No. of records)).


      Ideally this should give me the % of rush requests over total requests. But this doesn't give me the correct %.



      I am sure , I am missing something very simple.


      Any leads? I have posted a packaged workbook for your convenience.


      Thanks !