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    Level of Detail Chart ends up like Stacked Bar

    victor chan

      So I'm trying to create a chart that looks like this:






      The problem is that my dataset has a row for each quarter and I only want to pick the latest one. For each employee id they can start or end at any moment. Because of this I use a Level of Detail calculation so that I can grab the maximum row. On top of that creating a ratio and then plotting it as a percentage isn't working for me so I had to create a percentage bucket.


      In this scenario, I want to see the distribution of my employees in how well they close deals (as a percentage). So I have two columns, one of the total opportunity in dollars of how many deals they could have potentially closed and how how much in dollars they actually closed. Ultimately, this is what I am getting. Ideally count wouldn't stack and I could hover over the bar like it is one group. I use a LoD calculation to find the max quarter that an employee is with us and then create a filter to either hide of show the latest quarter.


      I suspect I am unecessarily using too many LoD to get this right but I can't get around it.


      Any help or even a link to a previous post would be greatly appreciated.


      The sample dataset and the sample Tableau workbook are attached.

      Thank you.