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    Help with Drill Down Bar chart


      Hello Everyone,


      I have a bar chart like shown below that shows the sales of each manager highest to lowest. I am trying to do a drill down based on a particular manager to his/her employees. for example if there are total seven managers in a company and if manager 1 has 3 employees under him, I want to be able to click on manager 1 and be able to go down to those 3 employees seamlessly.  I tried adding the employees to the manager hierarchy and bring the manager to the view. This kind of works but the problem is it does not filter the manager 1 and just show the 3 employees that work for him. It shows all managers and all employees that work for them creating 21 records and taking up the entire real estate. Is there a way I can just filter the manager sales I want to see and drill down to employees under him and how much sales they brought in.


      Thank you very much for your help in advance !!!