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    Can't download Workbooks with live connection to Microsoft SQL Server (Tableau 9.2)

    Charles Ayotte-Trépanier



      I tried to batch download workbooks using tabcmd and realized some of the workbooks didn't download (it returns "#500 internal server error")


      Every workbook that didn't download successfully had a live connection to Microsoft SQL Server. I then went to the Server and see if I could download them using the 'download' button in the browser. It didn't work either.


      However, I do not have problems downloading workbooks that have live connections to other databases.


      I know there are documented issues with Microsoft SQL Server on Tableau but I couldn't find anything on how a live connection affects downloads.


      Is there a solution to still download my workbooks?


      If not, is this a known issue? Was it fixed in later releases of Tableau?