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    Think Data Thursday:  Constant Learning and the Beauty of Mistakes - October 13, 2016

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      Recorded October 13, 2016


      Presenters Tableau Social Ambassador, Government Tableau User Group co-leader, and The Fringe Festival founder Emily Kund and Ravi Mistry, a graduate of the Data School and a consulting analyst at The Information Lab.

      Emily (@emily1852) shares some points for gathering requirements to help ensure your dashboards meet your users' needs.


      Ravi (@Scribblr_42) shares his thoughts on the iterative process and why it is so vital for any creative activity but especially data designers.  Tableau makes iteration easy.

      In an increasingly agile business environment, failing fast, learning & building in one fluid movement is essential to answering key business questions.


      This TDT is applicable no matter what your Tableau skill level is. The link to the video from this event is here. 



      This event is complete.