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    Dynamic Paramaters? Any other way here?

    Charles Foley

      I have attached the workbook in question.


      The end user was adamant about having the top graph.  It calculates a customer percentile rank compared to other customers.  This will only show the selected customer as an orange circle.


      Someone else helped me figure that out with the following formula:

      LOOKUP(ATTR( [Customer Name] = [CustomerParam]), 0)



      LOOKUP(ATTR([Customer Name]), 0)


      Works perfectly!




      My customers are a two level heirchy.   We have 300 Parent Companies and 26k stores underneath them as customers.


      I would need my filter/paramater to be able to start off at a parent company and then the filter/paramater would change when the lower level was selected.  And then you could select from the individual rooftops.


      Is this possible?  Ive tried for a week and nothing