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    Percentage of Population

    Wesley Hayden

      Thank you in advance to everyone who is willing to help me with this issue!


      I am using Tableau 10.


      I am trying to display a chart or graph that shows the percentage a certain subset of my data make up of the entire population of my data set. I currently can get it to display the percentage each category makes up inside the subset, but not on the entire data set.


      For example I have [People] -> [Completed Tests]

                               and  [People] -> [Trait] -> [Completed Tests]


      The Trait field is a binary data point. 0 represents negative and 1 represents positive for that trait. (I have 5 different traits to analyze but it should be the same for all of them)


      The Completed Tests field represents the number of tests a person has completed in the program in question. There is a maximum of 100 tests but in order for our data to be meaningful we need 20 tests completed. I want to display what percentage of each trait has completed 20 tests. Then I want to compare it to the percentage of the data set that has completed 20 tests.


      I can compute and display the Number of Records for the data set as a whole who have completed 20 tests and the Number of Records for people in each trait that have passed 20 tests or more, but I cannot figure out how to display the relationship between the two numbers, specifically the percentage.


      If you needs numbers here is an example:


      Data Set Population - 20,000

      # who have passed 20 - 5,000

      # who have not - 15,000

      Trait Population - 4,000

      # within Trait to pass 20 - 1,500

      # within Trait who have not - 2,500


      I want to show that the data set have an overall percentage of 25% (5000/20000) but that the trait has a percentage of 37.5% (1500/4000)


      Thank you for your time