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    Simple Alert Test - how to test?

    Shafi Mohammad

      Hello All,


      I have followed the install guide to setup vizaAerts on one of our servers.

      I'm trying to test the simple alert test scenario to trigger a an email alert for a view when it has the data.

      I have created an Alerts subscription schedule, have subscribed a sample view (Low margin warning view from the demo workbook)  which has data in it and ran python C:\VizAlerts\vizalerts.py

      I see that a trusted ticket is generated.

      I wait for 15 mins and then ran python C:\VizAlerts\vizalerts.py .

      I get a subscription email but I'm unable to understand if that email is being sent by the Alerts subscription schedule that the view is subscribed to or by the vizalerts python script.

      Should I unsubscribe the view from the Alerts subscription before trying to run the python script for the second time?

      Maybe I'm not doing something right or I have misunderstood something on the documentation.

      Can anyone please help?