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    Unable to download a published data source workbook

    Katherine Woods

      I am a Tableau Server Admin. We recently had an issue where I needed to download all of our published data sources to make a change to the Initial SQL. I was able to download most of the published data sources with no problem. However, there are 7 or 8 that I cannot download. When I select them and click action, download (using IE 11) the tab spins with Waiting for <servername>. Then, it either comes back as if I never made the request or goes to an error message that says unable to contact the server. However, if I exit out of that tab or back arrow, it goes back to the server as if nothin happened.


      From what I can tell, these aren't the biggest published data sources, nor are they anything special with respect to permissions, publisher, location, etc.  Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how I can workaround this problem to download, update and republish?


      We are using Tableau Server 9.0