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    Headache for me - (sum of records based on combination of two columns)Dont know How to use this Calculation

    Rajeev Pandey


      I have two columns Federal indicator and USDC /PD . I want to take the count of all Federal  based on the below condition.

      When Federal Indicator is "Federal"  then count the Number of rows . When  Federal indicator = Federal and USDC column is not equal to USDC or USDC Onsite  then count the number of Rows (No of Records) . I could not able to implement  both the condition in the same bar graph. This is only working when I am commenting one condition and showing others.

      I am confused how to implement the same . Please help me in getting this Issue Resolved


      Attaching the sample data set which contains three columns (as I tweaked the Column count)


      My actual Calculation :


      IF [Req. User Group]='US GLS India' THEN 'USI'

      ELSEIF ([Usdc/Pd]='USDC' or [Usdc/Pd]='USDC-onsite') THEN 'USDC'

      ELSEIF ([Federal Indicator]='Federal' and ([Usdc/Pd]<> 'USDC' or [Usdc/Pd]<>'USDC-onsite')) THEN 'FEDERAL WITHOUT USDC'

      ELSEIF ([Federal Duplicate]='Federal' and([USDC/PD Duplicate]='USDC' or [USDC/PD Duplicate]='USDC-onsite')) THEN 'Federal'


      ELSEIF [Federal Indicator]='Commercial' THEN 'US COMMERCIAL'