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    Critical Problem w/Stored Procedure


      Hi all,


         I've been tasked with completing a Tableau migration. We have a third-party that used to host Tableau, and they had us on their Enterprise server. In order to access our database, all of our datasources have been stored procedures. They connected to our stored procedures via the linked servers.  We just did a clean install of Tableau Server locally, and I'm ready to migrate datasources and workbooks.


        Having never worked with SPs, I'm running in to some issues with the datasources.  We have two SPs for each datasource. The first includes the original query, and then a second, <spname>_update, tells it to populate data in a staged table.  I spent two days publishing all of the primary SPs, but now while trying to rebuild workbooks, many field names are missing. I assume that this is because I am missing the parameters and that Tableau does not quite know where to get the data from.   Does this issue sound familiar? I could be wrong, but any help or guidance would be really appreciated. We are a non-profit and don't have any additional developers.