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    How to re-direct the column data to a link

    Rekha Harish

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement to display the data in a table format which contains data as below





      The columns ID has data "aaa" ,when i click on the that ID ,it should redirect me to a different link corressponding to that ID.Similarly when i click on ID "bbb" then the link corressponding to that cell must be displayed on clicking.

      The column "Owner"  has data of the owners so when i click on the cell "Ram" it should redirect me to a different link .Similarly the other cells under "Owner" column must be re-directed to their corressponding links.


      I have tried using URL actions for column ID  but when i click anywhere on that row it directs me to that ID.Also i need to embed different link to column "Owner" so URL Actions is not the right one i believe for this requirement.


      Please suggest me how do i achieve this requirement?