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    Datediff between two records to graph time spent in a Map graph.


      Hi there. Tried to be as descriptive as i could in the subject


      I have database with time and lat/lon, and vehicle speed. I'm trying to figure out how much time it's spent in a certain area. The first strategy I thought was to round down the coordinates (so i aggregate locations by area) and then do a datediff with the min and max dates, but this can be problematic if the vehicle passed twice during a day on that area, would me it was like 8 hours (morning and then afternoon) when in truth it may have been there for a few minutes, in transit.


      So the second strategy would be also to round the coordinates to have the grouped in areas, filter by speed zero (vehicle stopped) but work with the datediff in the underlying data by time, namely "delta time" that would basically do a datediff with lookup 0 and lookup 1, but this does not work in a Map view, because is not a table.


      I'm attaching a workbook with sample data. I'm puzzled. Any tips?