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    (help) Formatting multiple special values. beyond a single Null

    Gregg Lathrop

      Hello all,

      I had my tableau file clicking along nicely where a hospitals [Score] would be null if the excel field was blank, else show [Score], Then I special formatted my nulls to say "N/A" by using the Level of Detail formatting. This was fine when the source data options were a number (minutes or percent) or "N/A".


      Now the fed gov has added more detail so the value could be a number (#.# minutes or %.% percent), or "N/A", or "D/E". Each means something different.


      My question is how do I go about either formatting a 2nd special value? Is there a something I can put in the source excel field that could be formatted with a calculated field.


      The data is fairly private so I'd prefer to not attach the whole workbook, but I attached a screen shot of the raw data as I get it. You can see there is D/E,N/A, percents and numbersPicture1.jpg


      My source data is in this structure (but with 10 states of data going back 10-15 quarters)