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    Create a Trendline Without a Date

    Denitsa Kosharova

      So I have a fairly complicated question that got me stumped. I am trying to create a trend-line graph without using an actual date. Here is some background:


      I am looking at the life-cycle performance of multiple products that were launched at different dates during the year. I am trying to align their life cycles by week number but that is not relative to the year. Essentially I want to be able to have the same starting point for a product launched in February and a product launched in May so I can compare their performance at a point of life cycle rather than a point of the year. I have managed to number my weeks using multiple calculations to determine what is week 1,2, 3 etc for all my products. In excel I would be able to use the integers for the x axis when I create a line graph, however, tableau requires a continuous date to be able to utilize the line graph visualization. Any idea how to get around th


      Edit: currently using 9.3 but  can switch to 10 if that is the answer.