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    'Compute using' in LOD calculations and table calculations

    Matt Hong

      In my survey dataset, people responding are placed in groups. For my worksheet, I first created a context filter to pick out one of the questions. Now, I am trying to calculate the % of total responses for each choice of response in that question.


      I have accomplished this by both using a table calculation that computes using [Pivot Field Values]:

          SUM([Number of Records])/TOTAL(SUM([Number of Records]))

      and using an LOD calculation:

         SUM([Number of Records])/MIN({FIXED [Group]: SUM([Number of Records])})


      Now, the documentation for FIXED explains:

           "Computes an aggregate using only the specific dimensions"


      If that explanation is correct, I am computing the LOD calc using [Group], and computing the table calc using [Pivot Field Values], but they are returning the same values.


      Does the phrase compute using differ between the context of an LOD calculation and the context of a table calculation? If so, how does it differ?