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    Suppress low values and show a symbol instead

    Lisa Malik

      I'm creating a dashboard looking at diversity with several horizontal bar charts and filters. I would like to suppress any values under 10 in the dashboard when users use filters, and show a symbol like an asterisk to alert the user that the category now counts less than 10 students. (Workbook attached.)


      Currently I have been able to create a calculated field that suppresses values less than 10, called "Student Count suppressed less than 10." However, there is an error if I mix different data types: "Expected type integer, found string. Result types from 'IF' expressions must match." I attempted another calculated field, "Suppressed with Symbol," but it is a string and doesn't work with the horizontal bar chart.


      Any ideas how to dynamically suppress values under 10 when using filters and show an asterisk in horizontal bar charts where the values are suppressed?


      (A side question: Anybody know of an easy way to copy and paste error messages?)