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    How do you combine values in a dimension to create a "total"?

    Ryan Goble

      I have a very large database of data and need to compare it by vendor.  I frequently need to show data broken down by vendor, but also need to show the overall performance across all vendors.  Is there any way I can take my dimension [Vendor] that has a list of all vendors and add a "total" field to it (or create a calculated field to contain all vendors plus a total value)?  Yes, I know I can do dual axis graphs, but that is often not ideal and it would be infinitely easier if I could just have that total value available for comparisons.


      I'm attaching an example using Superstore Sample.  Instead of just having "Consumer", "Corporate", and "Home Office" in [Segment], I'd always want an "Overall" value as well to show the total across all of the segments.