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    Tableau Server - Modo apresentação ou Tela cheia

    Camila De Luca

      Pessoal, boa tarde


      estou me familiarizando agora com o server, sempre utilizei o Reader.

      Alguém sabe me dizer se existe um botão para apresentar em tela cheia, assim como no desktop?



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          Hello Camila De Luca,


          There is no presentation mode for Server in terms of what you are looking for.  A user is accessing the report via the Server portal, really, and thus that is the presentation mode because it allows the user to continue to access Server functions.


          What you can do is improve a bit the interface and put it full screen with your F11 bind.


             1.  Open a report

              2.  At the top middle of the screen is a small rectangle with a grey triangle:


              3.  Click it to hide the Server menu bar:



              4.  You will see the triangle upside-down in a darker grey, click it to bring back the Server menu bar.


          Hope that helps a little

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